Рефераты по международным отношениям

Contemporary Challenges in International Relations

While from many standpoints the present situation on Libya’s borders is connected to violation of human rights and humanitarian intervention, the prospect of large-scale migration as a result of the crisis in Libya is also perceived as a security issue in Europe. This perception has only sharpened since the statistics were published, as the first significant waves of Libyans and migrants working in Libya have now arrived in Lampedusa, Italy. 18 Марта 2013  Тип работы: реферат  Скачать

Cовременное состояние и перспективы развития ТЭК России

Очевидно, что особую актуальность приобретает сегодня исследование роли ТЭК во внешнеэкономических связях Российской Федерации. Именно подобное исследование и станет целью данной работы.
Для достижения поставленной цели необходимо решить ряд важных задач:
- Оценить природно-ресурсный потенциал, как основу функционирования ТЭК РФ;
- Выявить современные проблемы воспроизводства сырьевой базы ТЭК;
- Определить особенности развития современного топливно-энергетического комплекса России;
- Выделить основные направления и динамика участия России на мировом рынке топливно-энергетических ресурсов;
- Провести оценку роли нефтяной отрасли как наиболее значимой в ВЭС РФ;
- Охарактеризовать газовый вектор внешнеэкономической деятельности ТЭК РФ;
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Cовременные коллективные валюты. Прогнозы и тенденции

Цель написания реферата состоит в том, чтобы оценить процессы формирования коллективных валют в рамках сложившихся мирохозяйственных отношений.
Для достижения этой цели необходимо решение следующих задач:
исследовать процессы формирования коллективных валют в современной системе валютно-финансовых отношений;
выявить круг валют, которые объективно могут в перспективе составить конкуренцию доллару США в качестве мировой валюты;
рассмотреть основные макропоказатели развития экономик ЕС, США и Китая (доли в мировом ВВП, мировом экспорте и т.д.) и сделать соответствующие выводы.
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Duties beyond borders

This essay deals with a foreign policy question of extraordinary importance: what responsibilities do states have to provide economic and technical assistance to other States that have high levels of need affecting the health and life of their citizens? The question is important for a variety of reasons. There exist massive inequalities in health globally, with the result that poorer countries shoulder a disproportionate burden of disease and premature death. Average life expectancy in Africa is nearly 30 years shorter than in the Americas or Europe.1 In one year alone, an estimated 14 million of the poorest people in the world died, while only an estimated four million would have died if this population had the same death rate as the global rich. 15 Декабря 2013  Тип работы: реферат  Скачать

Fundamentals of International Trade

The Enabling Trade Index is the core of the Global Enabling Trade Report, which was first published in 2008 by the Geneva based non-profit foundation, World Economic Forum. The last issue of this report was in 2012 and includes 132 economies. The ETI measures the degree to which individual economies have developed institutions, policies, and services which facilitate the free flow of goods over borders. 07 Ноября 2013  Тип работы: реферат  Скачать

Ocoбeннocти coвpeмeннoгo cocтoяния экoнoмики Япoнии

Цeль дaннoй paбoты – oxapaктepизoвaть ocнoвныe тeндeнции coвpeмeннoгo paзвития экoнoмики Япoнии, ocвeтить poccийcкo-япoнcкиe oтнoшeния. 14 Января 2013  Тип работы: курсовая работа  Скачать

The Category of Mood

The theme of my course paper sounds as following: «Category of Mood». Before beginning of investigation in our theme, I would like to say some words dealt with the theme of my course paper.
Mood is the grammatical category of the verb reflecting the relation of the action denoted by the verb to reality from the speaker's point of view. In the sentences He listens attentively; Listen attentively; You would have listened attentively if you had been interested, we deal with the same action of listening, but in the first sentence the speaker presents the action as taking place in reality, whereas in the second sentence the speaker urges the listener to perform the action, and in the third sentence the speaker presents the action as imaginary.
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What happened in Iraq in 2011

At the beginning of 2011, the proclaimed terrorist group al-Qaeda in Iraq was eventually defeated in May after Huthaifa al-Batawi was killed and who was the only man left in the group as the head leader. Also there were number of attacks on American military forces happened in Iraq during the year. On January 15, 2011,two U.S. soldiers were killed and a third injured when an Iraqi soldier opened fire on U.S. troops during training in the northern city of Mosul. 12 Декабря 2012  Тип работы: практическая работа  Скачать

Why do you think Obama won? How do you foresee his policies (both domestic and foreign) during the second term?

The Democrats was won in the historic presidential election in America in 2012. And for a second term leader of the country was re-elected the current President Barack Obama. Based on the opinion of the majority in each of the 50 United States 303 electoral votes were given to Barack Obama and 206 Mitt Romney. Barack Obama won and the number of direct participants voting for it gave voice 60652000 238 people, while the vote for Mitt Romney 57810000 407 voters. The election campaign in 2012 was the most expensive in the history of the country, the headquarters of both candidates had spent $ 6 billion. (1)
In this essay I would like to look through the main reason of the Obama`s win and his politics; will try to forecast his future steps in both - domestic and foreign policy.
In recent election his 2008 winning coalition (blacks and latinos, women, college educated, and young voters) held up and came out and voted for him again. His campaign team ran a brilliant campaign. They saturated TV with negative ads hitting Mitt Romney all summer as an elitist, rich, untrustworthy, unprincipled, candidate that could not relate to the American people. They hit him hard for his former business career where he took over companies and laid off thousands of workers. They hit him for changing his mind on everything from healthcare, to abortion, to the wars, to climate change. They made him seem untrustworthy and someone that would say anything to be elected.
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"Северная дипломатия" Республики Корея с 2003 года по настоящее время

Наибольшее значение в этом процессе будет играть Корейский полуостров. Корея издавна, прежде всего в силу своего геостратегического положения, была объектом борьбы за влияние соседних, более крупных и могущественных государств. С середины XX в. и до настоящего времени определилась четвёрка великих держав в составе США, России, КНР, Японии, обоснованно считающимися традиционно вовлечёнными в проблемы Корейского полуострова.
Растущая роль этого региона в международных отношениях, безусловно, вызывает скрытое противостояние указанных выше государств, их борьбу за влияние в Северо-Восточной Азии
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